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  1. Kathi

    Had a great day kayaking with Almost Heaven today. It was a hot one but my family just loved our tour guide, Brandon, and we saw so much wildlife. Thanks for a great experience. We will be back next year and will be telling all our friends about you!

  2. Alice O'Brien

    David and Team,
    We had an excellent time on your kayak eco tour last week (August 09). My two little ones (Dylan and Cameron) cant stop talking about “Mr. David” and the manatees. Thanks for taking so much time with us and sharing your expertise. We will certainly tell everyone about your company, and will be back next year.

  3. Heidi Nail (Ohio)

    My husband and I took your Lido Mangrove Tunnels tour in May as part of our vacation. It was truly the highlight of our trip as we were able to experience something we never knew we would enjoy so much (kayaking). Living in central Ohio, we had always been involved with hiking, camping, and other outdoors activities but had never thought about kayaking as we aren’t near any particularly large bodies of water. The trip we took with Almost Heaven Kayak Adventures exposed us to the wonderful world of kayaking and we were hooked! We saved up the money and finally took the plunge into buying two single kayaks and all the gear that goes with them – just basic 10 ft. recreational kayaks to start, but we have a feeling we’ll be upgrading sometime in the future J. We have since been discovering all of the wonderful rivers, creeks, reservoirs, and lakes around central Ohio that we never would have thought to seek out before. We have seen some weight loss benefits as well which have been an added bonus. Our 3 year old son, Cameron is getting started young, as he is already shouting “go kayaking?” every time he sees us loading the boats onto the car. I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for exposing us to our newfound passion!

  4. The Debro Family

    Had a great time on our Thanksgiving kayaking eco tour with Almost Heaven Kayak Adventures. Our guides, David and Ron, were great with our kids. And the surroundings were brillant. We are showing our manatee photos to everyone at home. Thanks again and we will see you next year on holiday.

  5. The Russell Family

    BEST THING WE’VE DONE IN AWHILE! My family and I came to Florida from Indiana for almost two weeks. We did the Disney thing, the beach and pools but NOTHING compare to the South Lido Mangrove Tunnels kayak tour with did with Almost Heaven Kayak Adventures. Best thing we’ve done on vacation in a long time. The price was SO VERY reasonable for the length or the tour, what we saw and the guide was excellent. Would do it again year after year! This is a MUST DO!

  6. Boland Family from MA

    We are experienced kayakers and decided to take a self-guided adventure during our stay in Siesta Key. We found Almost Heaven Kayaking on Trip Advisor. And the reviews were right. The staff was extremely helpful and the kayak rentals were the best part of our vacation. The guides didnt go kayaking with us but gave us great suggestions on finding shells, dolphins and manatees. They even gave us a laminated map they created of the kayaking routes so we didnt get lost. The kayak brand new and we were able to keep them all day. We even enjoyed a picnic on a deserted island by the mangrove tunnels. It was a relaxing and peaceful day. Almost Heaven Kayaks is a great company and its employees love what they do. Highly recommended!

  7. Betty Finkle

    A group of my “older” friends and I decided to make a list of everything we want to do before we die. On that “Bucket List” we included a guided kayaking trip in Sarasota, Florida. We researched out all the local company and hands down selected Almost Heaven Kayak Adventures. Their web site was informative, filled with photos and videos, and detailed everything about the tour. Their reputation at the local chambers and in the community is stellar. And, as we came to find out, their service is the reason why they are number one. The woman who answered the phone was professional, helpful and so full of life. She answered all our questions (and there were a bunch) and got us very excited about taking the tour. The morning of our tour we meet our guide, David Wells. This charming fellow was so very friendly and nurturing. He taught us all the basics of kayaking and even helped us into the kayaks. The guided eco adventures was all we had hoped for and so more much. David taught us about the local flora and fauna. The mangrove tunnels were majestic. We even got up close and personal with a family of dolphins. We all decided that should have been on our bucket list too. It was a spectacular day filled with memories what will last our lifetimes. A huge thanks to Almost Heaven Kayak Adventures and the entire staff for helping us starch kayaking off our bucket list. You are an amazingly special group of people and we will be referring you to our family and friends.

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