Kayaking Photos

Share your favorite kayak photos of the Sarasota, Anna Maria, Siesta Key, Longboat Key, Myakka River and the surrounding Florida areas. Upload your photo links only!

2 thoughts on “Kayaking Photos

  1. Ray Paradise

    I have a Kayaking Blog at http://www.paradise319.blogspot.com
    I have been Kayaking for about a year. I am in the process of putting up photos and info of all my Kayaking trips. Feel free to use it to show any potential customers how kayaking areas look in Bradenton.
    Ray Paradise

  2. Ted Harazda

    Definitely one of the best and healthiest ways to chill out! And in todays crazy world, chilling out has a high priority! I prefer some open water with alot of elbow room. The former Passage Key area is super: no muck or oyster beds.

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