Kayaks for Sale

If you are looking for a great deal on a kayak, then check out the Kayaking Sarasota Blog.  Here you will find steals on new and used kayaks, and kayaking equipment.  Or if you are trying to sell your kayak, please post it (with a description and photo link) to the Blog.

11 thoughts on “Kayaks for Sale

  1. Roger

    Looking to purchased a used sit-on top kayak. Light weight and durable. If you have one for sale, please post on this blog. Thanks!

  2. Bill

    Looking for used/good condition Sea Kayak. Prefer 18+’ FG, SIK; e.g., Current Designs Nomad/Solstice line; Epic 18; SEDA Glider type for day trip touring or multi-day expeditions.

    Contact Bill at: billinvenice@hotmail.com

    Thank you

  3. lisa west

    I am looking for a sit on top kayak for sale please cal me if you have one 941-312-6228. thank you

  4. Pam Altemose

    I have a Necky Looksha Sport Kayak
    Price: $750 obo
    Gainesville, FL
    Sale includes kayak, paddle, and spray skirt
    • Stats: length: 14’4″; width: 22″; weight: 58lbs; material: Superlinear Polyethylene
    • Features: Deck lines and bungie cords; 2 watertight hatches; 2 watertight foam bulkheads ; Adjustable foot pedals Photo available through email

  5. Linda

    Skerry Classic British sea touring kayak for sale. 17’x23″, 55lbs., skeg, 2 hatches. Ocean cockpit. paddle, skirt, pump, vest. $599. Please call 925-9028 for more info. About 12 years old – original owner. Thanks!

  6. Bonnie

    16′ Sit on top, Wilderness System-Tarpon for sale,
    $550.00 obo
    Please call 941-330-6392 for more info.
    Picture available through email

  7. Samantha

    Looking both to sell a 11ft. sea eagle 330 inflatable kayak (basically new) and trade it or buy outright a very small one person sit-in kayak. can be very used, as long as it can get me out on the water for less than $200.

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